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COVID-19 Vaccinations: Delivery and Access — a SACRU Webinar
In the first SACRU webinar, Drs. Isabel Capeloa Gil (Universidade Católica Portuguesa) and Takehito Kamata (Sophia University) moderated a very interesting discussion about the development and delivery of and the ethical issues surrounding access to (More)
COVID-19: Am I My Brothers Keeper?
[embeddoc url="https://sites.bc.edu/responding-to-covid-19/files/2020/10/Guterres-Poster.pdf" download="all" viewer="google"] Audio (More)
Boston College Law School Lex Latinx Webinar Series
Daniela Urosa Susan Simone Kang Boston College Law School's Lex Latinx webinar series is a series of five online conferences in Spanish with simultaneous translation to English, with speakers from different Latin American Universities and BC L (More)
Syllabus: #Shop-Apocalypse: Consumer Culture's Past and the Fate of the Planet
Juliet Schor Robin Fleming Course Description: Although we are increasingly aware that our habits of consumption affect the environment, it is hard to imagine that consuming patterns are capable of being changed. In this class, students will l (More)
Moral Distress in Nurses and Other Health Care Professionals
As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, it is becoming increasingly evident that many on the frontlines are, understandably, distressed. Distressed by the high volumes of patients and the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE). Anxious about not (More)