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Teaching the Intersections of Environmental Injustice and COVID-19
[embeddoc url="https://sites.bc.edu/responding-to-covid-19/files/2020/10/Intersections-of-EJ-and-COVID19-BC-research-day-poster-LARGESSE-1.pdf" download="all" viewer="google"] (More)
Tracking seismic noise and human activity during the time of COVID-19
Alan Kafka COVID-19 lockdowns are resulting in a reduction of background noise recorded at many seismic stations: We’re seeing quieter seismic stations around the world, including at BC campus and at Weston Observatory. Tom Lecocq (of the (More)
Editorial | COVID-19 and Clean Air: An Opportunity for Revolutionary Change
Philip Landrigan The COVID-19 pandemic has caused more than 9 million infections and a half million deaths. It has caused disease in every country. Like all pandemics, it has laid bare and exploited social inequalities andcaused disproportionate (More)
Air pollution interventions: Global research report released by BC's Schiller Institute and partners identifies top five actions to benefit health and climate
Philip Landrigan “Climate change and air pollution are major threats to human health and economic development that must be addressed. The COVID pandemic has raised the stakes considerably,” says report co-author and Professor of Biology Phil Land (More)
Syllabus: #Shop-Apocalypse: Consumer Culture's Past and the Fate of the Planet
Juliet Schor Robin Fleming Course Description: Although we are increasingly aware that our habits of consumption affect the environment, it is hard to imagine that consuming patterns are capable of being changed. In this class, students will l (More)