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COVID-19's Impact on BC Students and Learning Outcomes
[embeddoc url="https://sites.bc.edu/responding-to-covid-19/files/2020/10/COVIDandBC.pdf" download="all" viewer="google"] Audio (More)
Implications of the Rapid Switch to Online Learning due to COVID-19 in the Context of South African Higher Education Institutions
[embeddoc url="https://sites.bc.edu/responding-to-covid-19/files/2020/10/Implications-of-the-Rapid-Switch-to-Online-Learning-in-the-Context-of-South-African-Higher-Education-Institutions_-Kendra-Sherman.pdf" download="all" viewer="google"] Audio (More)
Safety Training for N95 Respirator Reuse: A Virtual Approach
[embeddoc url="https://sites.bc.edu/responding-to-covid-19/files/2020/10/N95-virtual-teaching-poster.pdf" download="all" viewer="google"] (More)
Politics, Markets, and Pandemics: Public Education’s Response to COVID-19
Michael Hartney Michael Hartney, professor of Political Science, has recently put out a working paper examining school reopening policies across the country. Hartney and Leslie K. Finger, a political scientist at the University of North Texas, fo (More)