Prior to arriving at Boston College in 2014, I taught at Yale University while completing my doctorate.

In my teaching, I aim to bring literature to life through formal and historical analysis. A significant linguistic and cultural distance separates us from premodern Britain. I lead students to close that distance through comparisons to modern literature and then reopen it with their newfound expertise. I present historical study as a dialectical process of identification and estrangement. Two foci of my teaching and course design are literary genre and social placement. My goal is to help students become critically aware readers and citizens by confronting the multiple histories that led to the present moment.


ENGL6017: Chaucer and Gower
ENGL9004: Periodization

ENGL7003: Game of Thrones: Medieval English Political Poetry
ENGL7742: Chaucer: Verse History


ENGL4424: Middle English Alliterative Poetry

ENGL3393: Chaucer

ENGL2131: Studies in Poetry

ENGL4925: Advanced Topic Seminar: Literary Approaches to the Past


ENGL1080: Literature Core: Prisoners and Visionaries
ENGL2170: Introduction to British Literature and Culture I
ENGL1080: Literature Core: Doppelgangers