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Online Education in the COVID-19 Era: 3 Questions to Help You Define Your Strategy
Aleksandar (Sasha) Tomić Sasha Tomić, Associate Dean for Strategy, Innovation, and Technology in the Woods College of Advancing Studies, has put forward three questions to help institutions of higher learning establish and maintain a COVID-19 res (More)
Teaching Public Health Will Never Be the Same
Nadia Abuelezam Students will likely be flocking to public health courses and programs in upcoming semesters. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has piqued the interest of many in society, among them college students. Students who h (More)
Syllabus: #Shop-Apocalypse: Consumer Culture's Past and the Fate of the Planet
Juliet Schor Robin Fleming Course Description: Although we are increasingly aware that our habits of consumption affect the environment, it is hard to imagine that consuming patterns are capable of being changed. In this class, students will l (More)